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About Us
Who We Are
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Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate and recognize the contribution of independent authors to the literary world during the 2024 Year of the Indie Authors. We aim to support and promote self-published writers, foster artistic freedom, and encourage more writers to take creative risks and self-publish their work.

Our Values

Our values are centered on appreciation, recognition, and inclusivity. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of indie authors and recognize their talent and impact on the publishing industry. We value artistic freedom, diversity in genre and topics, and inclusivity in supporting all self-published writers regardless of their background, genre, or style.

Our Solution

We celebrate the 2024 Year of the Indie Authors through various initiatives such as events, promotions, and networking opportunities for authors and readers to discover new stories and authors. We provide a platform for indie authors to showcase their work, gain recognition, and connect with other writers. We also promote the affordability and accessibility of self-published books, encouraging more writers to take the leap and self-publish their work. Through our celebrations, we aim to create a supportive and inclusive community that fosters creativity, appreciation, and recognition for indie authors.

Why You Should Join Us

With over 12 years of experience in marketing for authors, our programs are designed to help you to succeed!

Free Program

• Each author will be listed in our website with their pic, bio and one title with purchase links to a website of their choice.

• Newsletter sent to the author with updates on programs and events for the 2024 calendar year, and other events that may happen prior to 2024.

 To participate in the free program. Please send us your author pic and bio to

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Basic Program

• Everything in Free Program, plus:

• Marketing of one title from the author on our social media system, reaching a minimum of 40K people.

• Listing on our website: Author bio, author pic, each title that the author wants to promote up to 6 titles, with purchase links to the website of their choice.

• Participation in a community event of their choice. We are currently working on a Squirl Author & Book Walk in major cities. Other programs may be available at a later date.

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Intermediate Program

Everyting in the Free & Basic Program plus:

• Listing in email blasts to our 7K readers about the author's title being promoted, at least twice in the year. • Participation in live online conferences where readers can learn more about the author. Each session will be limited to no more than 5 authors. Each session will be 1 hour in length, allowing each author 10 minutes to talk about their work. (Broadcasts will begin in February 2024.)

• One Book Sales Sheet created for the book being promoted. This will allow the author to market their book to bookstores for additional book signing events and sales.

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Marketing Package

• Everything in Free, Basic and Intermediate Programs, plus:.

• Author's Title Displayed on the Home page of the website for one month.

• A NFT created for the book being promoted.

• A NFT created that supports the Year of the Indie Author. This NFT will have the author's name, pic, and website listed on it, along with the Year of the Indie Author logo and website. Each NFT sold will pay the author 5% of the sales, regardless of the amount the original NFT sells at or at the resale of the same NFT. Maximum minted is 24 per NFT.

• The author will be given promotion for an additional title. This allows the author additional exposure in all things listed above when available.

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